How The Greedy Farmer strategy WORKS For You!

The Greedy Farmer:

Determines the probable direction of the markets and the economy (probable since this is NOT a science) Allowing the Greedy Farmer to optimize the cash and/or fixed income allocation of the portfolios.

Guides according to prudent investment allocation principles

  • Respects the importance of layering purchases, trimming holdings, selling losers
  • Respects maximum holding percentages (of any one stock)
  • Creates diversification across classes, geographies, sectors

Draws from and consolidates the expertise of several analysts, several philosophies.

Finds ways to save and invest more.

  • this part of the strategy is critical and creates more of your wealth gain than all the other points put together.
  • an in-person service would put more focus on this (and NO, it is not about budgeting, I have never drafted a personal financial budget, and never will).  I hope to offer an in-person service in the future, for people in the local region.