Well, as sophisticated as we are, humans too are better at making decisions in a complicated environment if some decisions are taken care of by convention or expectation (okay, use the word rule).

There are still ways to make money, we just need to focus on sectors that do well during such problem times, such as gold;

This plan is NOT set in stone. The most successful people I know second guess some decisions, flip-flop on occasion, and change their minds when the information available changes.

For more than two years now, The Greedy Farmer has been trimming equity positions.  For those who have watched the movie, “The Big Short” this may bring back the memory of a scene. 

Let’s talk about inflation. Who cares about it? It is low and what does it matter anyway?

You have to look at the math to really get it in your gut (every farmer knows, your gut is where you do your best thinking).